About Lucy

You made it here! Yay! I can’t wait to get to know you a little better and hear all about your big day! Here’s the thing, I LOVE photographing weddings-like for real. To be honest I’m the girl that’s still excited to be shooting your wedding at the 11th hour.

I understand that the value of photography is beyond capturing moments. From the minute we first communicate via email, I’m invested in creating an amazing and EASY experience for you. Communication is always quick, so you’re never waiting for days to hear back from me. Pictures are so important to me (and they must be for you as well or you wouldn’t have landed here). People always tell you that your wedding day goes by very fast. And believe me, it truly does! This is why I strive to take pictures that will allow you to fully relive your wedding day as if you had caught every moment. From candids to traditional poses (and everything in between) my goal is to give you a full narrative of the day through these amazing pictures! Please take a closer look at what I offer. I can’t wait to capture your big day!! Please contact me here so we can go over the deets!

5 things you didn’t know about me:
1. I love 80s music—obsessed, like totally
2. I never say no to dessert. I would rather skip dinner
3. I love musical theater and I get kicked out of rooms because I can’t stop singing
4. I’m a die hard fan of Ice cream trucks–where have they all gone???
5. I once did a bake off with my friends and won 1st place