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Anyone can photograph pictures, you want and artist to capture your day

“Most wedding photographers have a somewhat commercial, mass-produced feeling to their photos, where your work was very ethereal, artistic - they represented exactly how I see the world.”

Her images have been featured on Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Australia, Elle, Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty and many more. Her attention to detail, storytelling, and capturing one of a kind imagery is what has set her apart from the rest.

Lucy Munoz has been photographing luxury weddings for over 10 years.

You get this one life in order to create incredible memories and experiences. I get to capture those moments so that you will never forget them.

International fine art wedding Photographer

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"We keep chatting about how choosing you to photograph our wedding was the best decision we made. You’re a dream to work with!"

“Her images are compelling, artistic, and timeless-she is a master at her craft”

behind the lens

I'M Lucy Munoz

Lucy Munoz has admired photography since she was a child. Even back then she understood the importance of images. These pictures held emotions, stories, and her lineage-they were truly invaluable! As such, she documents your day in a way that tells the wonderful story of your love.



Lucy has been photographing weddings for 10 years. She went to Tri Community where she took 2 years of photography courses. And just like the movies, it was love at first click. Lucy is a hybrid photographer that is dedicated to her craft. She still practices weekly and does so with the same enthusiasm as when she first started. 

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She shares all about her process and what it takes to “Get THE Shot" in the Money Making Posing Guide.