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Napa Valley Engagement

April 29, 2018

Hi, I'm Lucy.
Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal about our recent weddings. Stay a while and say hello!
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This gorgeous Napa Valley engagement session with Evangelina and Elias was poetic to say the least! We planned it perfectly because Napa in the spring can be rainy and a hit or miss with the weather. I was looking at the forecast on the days leading up to this session because I was worried it would rain. Thankfully the skies held up (and it rained the day after we left). I had never been to the Castello Di Amorosa and I was curious to see it in person. It definitely did not disappoint! I think all of us had to take in the scenery for a minute because there was so much beauty surrounding us. It seemed like you’d have to be in Tuscany in order to be able a castle of this magnitude. We were loving the beautiful architecture with so many beautiful photo opportunities, plus the fact that there was a gorgeous woodsy area nearby that we tucked ourselves into and sort of got lost in the beautiful light. Evangelina and Elias were the easiest most laid back couple ever! They were up for anything! Going into the woods? Not a problem! Climbing up a million steps? Ok, perhaps not a million, but you try doing that in heels–Evangelina you were a trooper!

To end I want to say that I admired the way Elias took care of Evangelina, holding her hand, helping her as she climbed the stairs, making sure she was ok every step of the way. It is often the sweetest thing when I get to see how very much in love my couples are. I feel so honored and blessed to be able to capture that magic–that’s “your magic.” The very thing that makes the two of you special. I can only hope you look back on these pictures and remember the way you two felt and the magnificent love you have for one another.

If you’d like to book a Napa Valley engagement session with Lucy Munoz Photography don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me here! Yes, that means you’ll get to have fun, laugh, and feel like you’re 16 all over again. Best part? I get to document that magic thing between the two of you.

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