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Santa Barbara Sand Dune Engagement

October 7, 2017

Hi, I'm Lucy.
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This Santa Barbara Sand Dune engagement session with Leeza and James was so beautiful.

“Of everything I have seen, it’s you I want to go on seeing. ”

 -Pablo Neruda

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I recently photographed this Santa Barbara sand dune engagement session that I’ve been dying to show you. Leeza and James wanted a backdrop of beautiful sandy dunes and I was excited to photograph it. The day started out overcast and changed to sunny (weather can be so unpredictable near the beach. You can start of overcast and 30 minutes later end up with clear and sunny skies. When I heard that they wanted to shoot in Santa Barbara I was really excited. I love the weather and the laid back feel of Santa Barbara, so for me it was perfect! Leeza and James wanted to have smoke bombs during their engagement session and we had so much fun even though trying to figure out the wind pattern proved a little tricky. Leeza and James it was so beautiful meeting the two of you. I love watching how you take care of one another, making sure the other one is ok. You two are the sweetest couple ever!

Although I have to say there was one hilarious moment during our session. Before setting off the smoke bombs Leeza realized that they had forgot the lighter all the way back in the car (it was a little trek to make it to the dunes and James ran all the way to the car and back just in time right as the sun was setting. We were all laughing so hard, because he ran to the car with only his boxers on (since he really didn’t have a whole lot of time to change). When he got back they quickly changed into their traditional Korean Hanbok and we were able to capture some beautiful pictures of them wearing it. Leeza and James, I honestly can’t wait to photograph your wedding next month. Much love to you both!

If you’d love to book and engagement session with Lucy Munoz Photography contact me here! Would love to meet you =)

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